Zoning Hearing Board

Member: Joel Kelman (term expires 12/2027)
Member: Amanda Cooper (term expires 12/2024)

Member: Dore Dabback (term expires 12/2026)

The Zoning Hearing Board has three functions:
       1.    To grant Variance from the provisions to the Zoning Code in circumstances
              where the Zoning Code creates an unreasonable restriction on the use of
       2.    To grant Special Exceptions pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance in those
              situations where the applicant qualifies for the same,
       3.    To hear appeals from the Decisions of the Building Official when the
              property owner believes the Building Official has committed an error or has
              misinterpreted the law.
 The Zoning Hearing Board meets as needed at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month if needed.