Public Sewer Resale Inspection  
Public Sewer Resale Inspection Permits may be submitted either in person or online utilizing the Township's online payment tool. To submit an application online, please follow these steps to ensure timely processing of your application:
1) Save the below form to your computer and complete all fields and sign in the appropriate location(s). You must provide the contractor's information who will be performing the televising at time of submittal or the form will be rejected as incomplete. 
2) The application and payment must be submitted to the Township no later than 30 days prior to settlement. Do not schedule the televising, the Township will coordinate the inspection with the property owner or their representative and the contractor. Any televising that is completed without the Township representative present will be rejected (i.e. no recordings in lieu of in person inspections will be accepted).
3) For online submissions, payment must be submitted with the form, if payment is not received with the application the form will be rejected as incomplete. The permit fee is $150.
4) Once the form is complete and payment has been made, the application must be emailed to  You will receive email confirmation of the submission and further instructions for when the inspection is scheduled to occur.
If you have any questions about the process or how to complete the form please feel free to call the office at 610-933-4424.  
Please make payment using the following link: Online Bill Pay for Permits