Building & Zoning
We are now accepting credit and debit cards for payment of Building Permits in-person only.
Please note that a 3% convenience fee applies to all credit/debit card payments. If you choose to pay online using an e-check there is a flat fee of $1.50 for each transaction. Convenience fees are established by MuniciPAY and the Township does not receive any of these funds.
Building Code Official (BCO) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to oversee the approval and issuance of zoning and building permit applications.  He is responsible for investigating and enforcing the adopted building codes (PA Act 45, the Uniform Construction Code) and Zoning Ordinances.
Permits are required for the new construction of buildings and additions; for accessory structures such as detached garages, carports, greenhouses, utility sheds, decks, patios, covered porches, gazebos, tennis courts, and fences.  Permits are also required for the following:  Demolition (in whole or in part) of structures; structural alteration/remodeling of existing structures; converting a basement or attic to living space; electrical, plumbing and mechanical installation (new and upgrades); signs; storage tanks; commercial sprinklers; temporary construction trailers; manufactured and modular homes.
Please call the code enforcement office at 610-933-4424 before beginning any new construction project.  Be advised, any improvements made without a zoning or building permit without approval of the BCO can be costly to dismantle or relocate.  One phone call could help avoid a lot of problems.  Help protect our neighbors and community by calling for instructions.
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