Barton Meadow's WWTP Feasibility Study

Please note: The Board of Supervisors may consider to award some all or none of following bid results at its Special Meeting on Friday, October 21, at 1:00 PM. The Township has received 62 authorization forms to consider access to private properties for this portion of the bids.  

Bid Results for Smoke Testing & CCTV

CKS has reviewed the bid documents that were submitted for the Smoke Testing & CCTV for the Barton's Meadows Sewer System.  

Smoke Testing:
CKS recommends that that contract be awarded to Duke's Pest Control, Inc. with base bid of $23,058.65 and an additional $3,975.00 for building sewer line.  CKS also recommends Duke's Pest Control, Inc. for the Alternate Bid to smoke test just the Nottingham Drive SPS drainage area in the amount of $11,049.20 and an additional $2,025.00 for building sewer lines. 


CKS recommends that the contract be awarded to Pipe Services Corporation with a base bid of $25,061.20 and an additional $19,080.00 for building sewer lines.

The full list of bidders can be found below labeled "Smoke Testing Bid Results" and "CCTV Bid Results". 

Flow Monitoring:

A proposal was submitted from Flow Assessment Services, LLC for flow monitoring in Barton's Meadows in the amount of $25,800.00.  The following proposal is for manholes 21, 4A, and 5A. The proposal can be found below labeled "Flow Monitoring Proposal".

Meeting Recordings:

The August 17, 2022 Special Board of Supervisors Meeting regarding the WWTP Feasibility Study can be viewed here.

Previous meeting recordings regarding Barton's Meadows can be found here