Explore Our Indy Trail at Independence Park

Discover Independence Park
Independence Park is a beautiful 96-acre park in East Vincent Township, located between
Pennhurst Road and Dunlop Road, across from the Southeastern Veterans’ Center. The park is
divided into two sections: the Upper Park, which is currently under development, and the Indy
Trail, a rustic 1.8-mile trail network through stunning woodlands that opened in June 2024. The
Indy Trail was created by the East Vincent Township Park and Recreation Board as a volunteer

In 2008, the East Vincent Board of Supervisors, with support from state legislators and the
governor, preserved 96 acres of land for park use at the cost of one dollar. This land became
Independence Park, a sanctuary for nature and recreation in the township's most densely
populated area. Thanks to the dedication of officials and volunteers over the years, the park is
now a cherished community space that highlights the benefits of collaboration.

Historical Highlights
Pennhurst State Hospital: Pennhurst, once a state-run facility for individuals with
disabilities, closed in 1987. Judge Raymond Broderick ruled that the abuse of mentally
disabled patients violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
He ordered Pennhurst to be closed and all residents returned to their home
communities. A public museum is located on the grounds and offers insights into the
history of the site. A haunted attraction is located there as well. The property is under

Pennhurst Cemetery: The Pennhurst Cemetery commemorates those who died during
the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. A memorial stone was erected in 1978.

Visitor Tips and Trail Courtesy
• Hours: The Park is open Sunrise to Sunset. No overnight parking or camping.
Trail Conditions: The trail is rustic and natural. Bring walking sticks and wear proper
footwear. Several trail areas have steep inclines with native rock steps and tree-to-tree
ropes for guidance. Bring a water bottle, there’s no onsite water.
Wildlife: Be aware and respectful of the local wildlife.
Facilities: There are no restrooms or picnic tables on the trail, but picnic tables are
available in the Upper Park.
 Dog Friendly: Dogs are welcome on the Indy Trail. Dogs must be leashed and under
control. Clean up after them and pack it out of the park.
Please Don’t Litter! Pack it in, pack it out – Leave no Trace

Community Engagement
Volunteer Opportunities: Are you passionate about nature and community service? Join us in
maintaining and enhancing the beautiful Indy Trail at Independence Park! Our dedicated
volunteers play a crucial role in preserving this treasured natural space, and we would love for
you to be a part of our team.
• If you're interested in becoming an East Vincent Township trail volunteer, sign up here.
Contact Information: For feedback and questions, call East Vincent Township
Administration at 610-933-4424, Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Trail Guide
Entry Points
You can access the Indy Trail from Independence Drive off Pennhurst Road or N. Church Street
off Bridge Street in Spring City. Parking is available off Independence Drive or near the
Schuylkill River Trail for N. Church Street.

There are two specific entry areas:
1. Meadow and Habitat Trailheads: Located off Independence Drive.
  •  Meadow: GPS coordinates 40°11'15" N 75°33'53" W. It can be considered the main entrance to the Indy Trail for meetups.
  • Habitat: GPS coordinates 40°11'16" N 75°33'47" W.
  •  Address: 22 Independence Dr. Spring City, PA 19475.

2. Canopy and Forest Trailheads: Located off N. Church Street. Parking is available near
the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) entrance.
  • Forest: GPS coordinates 40°11'19.0"N 75°33'09.0" W. Two parking spots are next to the trailhead.
  • Canopy: GPS coordinates 40°11'12" N 75°33'6" W.
  • Address: 600 N. Church St, Spring City, PA 19475.

Trail Information
An unnamed tributary to the Schuylkill River runs most of the length of the woods. The 1.8-mile
trail features four distinct, geographically diverse quadrants:

1. Meadow Trail:
  •  Difficulty: Easy
  • Trailhead Access: Independence Drive
  • Features: Begins at the Indy Trail main sign, descending an embankment to a sprawling field with clusters of trees near the creek. This area also hosts a natural bird sanctuary.

2. Canopy Trail:
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trailhead Access: South on N. Church St from Forest Trailhead or North on N. Church St. from Spring City.
  • Features: Passes by the Pennhurst Cemetery, which contains markers for those who died at Pennhurst during the 1918 Influenza pandemic. A memorial stone is erected here. The trail continues through an open field into a single trail flanked by mountain laurel and honeysuckle, creating a natural archway and providing a secluded experience.

3. Forest Trail:
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Trailhead Access: North on N. Church St from Canopy Trailhead or south from the SRT
  •  Features: Runs alongside a creek and the side of a ravine, featuring steep wooded areas and rocky sections. The ravine provides a dramatic backdrop to the stream below. A vista overlooking the stream offers a good resting place for meditation.

4. Habitat Trail:
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trailhead Access: Independence Drive
  • Features: Continues alongside the ravine with several steep slopes to traverse using rock steps and a rope. The trail crosses a usually dry stream tributary and returns to Independence Park at the Habitat Trailhead.
  • Note: For easy access to the Pennhurst Cemetery, park on Independence Drive and enter via the Cemetery Path following the sign to veer right.

Download, save, and print your own Indy Trail map to use as you explore the natural beauty of East Vincent’s rustic trail at  Independence Park.