Citizens Alert and Information

The ReadyChesco system to push out important alerts to our residents is now active.  This system will push out alerts such as temporary road closures, construction blasting, severe weather, etc. If you are already a ReadyCheso subscriber, we recommend logging into your user account and checking the box to receive alerts from East Vincent Township.  If you are new to ReadyChesco, you can create a free user account at the following link:  Please make sure you are subscribed to East Vincent updates in your profile.

Burglary Information
We again want to alert our citizens to secure their property.  There have been several incidents where person(s) have entered residences and vehicles that have been left unlocked.  Here are several recommendations to protect your home.

  1. If your house is already equipped with a burglar alarm, keep it activated and have it serviced regularly.
  2. If your house is not equipped with an alarm, think about installing one.  All alarms must be registered; see the alarm ordinance and fill in the application
  3. Never leave an automatic garage door opener in a vehicle that is parked outside.
  4. Lock car doors, and take in all valuables.
  5. Take an extra minute to ensure that all doors are properly closed and securely locked, particularly overhead garage doors.
  6. Keep an eye out for suspicious persons, vehicles and activity in your neighborhood.  Get to know your neighbors and their schedules.  If something looks suspicious call county dispatch at 610-935-2440 immediately.

Gun Safety
The Department would like to remind all gun owners to keep firearms locked up and away from children.  "Safety is no accident."

Bicycle Safely
When warm weather is here and the kids are playing outside, let's be extra careful when driving through our residential neighborhoods.  Be alert for bicycles and other telltale signs that children are in the area.  More people are taking to the streets on their bikes.  Bike riding is a great way to both relax and stay in shape.  If you're a bike rider, remember these simple safety tips:

  1. Always wear an approved helmet.
  2. Always ride with the flow of vehicular traffic, staying as far to the right as possible.
  3. Obey all traffic devices, i.e., speed limits, stop signs, and traffic lights.
  4. When riding in a group, ride in a single file formation.