Animal Control


If you happen to lose your dog, you should contact the East Vincent Township Police at 610-933-0115 so they can inform the Animal Control Officer.  Many times we get calls of a stray dog and the Animal Control Officer goes out and picks up the stray and holds it for a few hours, then is transported to a temporary holding facility where the dogs are in a secure location, fed, walked, and monitored until the owner is located.  


If the Police Department receives that first call from you, the Animal Control Officer will know in advance that your dog is missing and will have a phone number to reach you when your dog is found.  Call the Chester County Radio Room at 610-935-2440 or the Police Office at 610-933-0115 to report the missing dog.   


Disclaimer: The Township does not collect stray cats. However, the Chester County SPCA may collect them for a surrender fee. You can contact the Chester County SPCA at 610-296-2820.