Act 172 Firefighter Tax Credits

In 2019, the Township began offering certain tax credits to eligible volunteer fire fighters as authorized by Act 172. Eligible taxes include either Earned Income Tax or Real Estate tax credits to volunteer fire fighters in the responding area to the Township. All active volunteers are eligible for financial incentive per Township Ordinance #235 “Tax Credits for Volunteer Fire Company Service Members” to reduce their tax liability. Per Ordinance #235, eligible fire fighters can apply for up to $500 of tax lability reimbursement of either Real Estate tax or Earned Income Tax. Please note that the Township has two different taxing administrators: Berkheimer Tax Associates for Real Estate tax and Keystone Collection Group for Earned Income Tax. To complete the process, please complete one of the below forms which are due to the Township no later than December 1st each year for signature and submission to the Taxing Administrator on your behalf.