Public Sewer Resale Inspection Permit

For property owners in the Public Sewer District, there is a mandatory resale requirement to have your house connection (sometimes called a lateral or building sewer) televised and cross-connections inspected by the Township.  Property owners are required to notify the Township at least thirty (30) days prior to selling their property (both residential and non-residential) to complete this requirement.  

This requires the property owner to contract with a plumber or other contractor capable of performing the televising, completing the permit application with the required information, and then submit the permit application to the Township with the required fee. The fee is currently $150. Once the permit is submitted the Township will coordinate the inspection with the homeowner/property representative and the contractor to witness the televising and perform the internal prohibited connected inspection. Please be advised that televising done without witness by the Township will NOT be accepted.

For a property that has received a Certificate of Compliance for televising witnessed by the Township within the last 5 years prior to the current date of resale, a prohibited connection inspection only is required. This permit does not require a contractor and the inspection is performed by the Township Building Inspector. A cross connection inspection is required every time a property goes to resale. No exceptions. This permit carries a fee of $100.00. Please contact the Township if you are unsure if the property needs to be televised.