Park and Recreation Board
Chairman: Brian Wilde (term expires 12/2028)
Vice-Chairman: Christopher Cobb (term expires 12/2028)
Secretary: Doug Schmidt (term expires 12/2025)
Member: Vacant (term expires 12/2027)
Member: Cynthia Barney (term expires 12/2028)
Member: Todd Palmer (term expires 12/2026)
Member: Christine McNeil (term expires 12/2025)
East Vincent Township has acquired approximately 96.5 acres of land south of the Southeastern Veteran's Center. The Park and Recreation Board is in the process of planning the use of the land.  The Park and Recreation Board is in the implementation stage and if you would like to hear how the new park plans are coming along, please come to the public meetings.
The Park and Recreation Board meets at 7:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month, as needed.