Community Park on the Ridge

Park Hours:  Dawn until Dusk

Motor vehicles are permitted on the driveway and parking lot only.  The speed limit is 10 MPH.  Bicycles are permitted ONLY in designated areas.  Bicycles on trails MUST yield to pedestrians.

Rules and Regulations:
  1.       Park users must abide by all signs
  2.       No alcohol or illegal substances allowed in the park at any time §5.03
  3.       No littering or dumping §5.01
  4.       No glass bottles §5.01
  5.       No pets or livestock §5.06
  6.       No motorized vehicles including ATVs permitted beyond the parking lot (i.e. minibike, four-wheeler, snowmobile) 
  7.       No skateboarding or roller skating/blading §5.05
  8.       No defacing or damaging property §5.01
  9.       No wading, swimming, ice skating §5.08
10.       No hunting or shooting §5.01
11.       No camping, archery, golfing or horseback riding §5.01
12.       No disturbing wildlife or vegetation §5.01
13.       No excessive noise or indecent language §5.01
14.       No lanterns, stoves, heaters, etc.  Fires permitted only in Township provided grills for the purpose of cooking food 
15.       No trespassing onto Township property that is not open to the public §5.01
16.       Permits or Permission is required for:  Pavilion reservation §5.13; Parade, ceremony,
            musical, theatrical, or other entertainment §5.01; Any event which would include mechanical
            or animal rides, bonfires, or create a danger or risk because of the nature of the
            activity §5.01; Public meeting or gathering of 25+ people §5.01

All park visitors, users and Permittees agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless East Vincent Township, its agents, employees, servants, successors and assigns from any and all claims and losses in connection with the usage of the park and its facilities. §5.16

These rules and regulations are made pursuant to the provisions of the
East Vincent Township Ordinance #152 as adopted August 16, 2000.  Violation of any such rule shall subject the offender to those penalties as set forth in the said Ordinance Section 5.17, "Penalties and Fines for Violation."  These rules and regulations reflect a portion of the Ordinance of the East Vincent Township Parks and Recreation Department.  A complete copy is available at the East Vincent Municipal Building