Artisan Development Company

Location: 446 Stony Run Road and 1241 W. Bridge Street

Type of Application: Preliminary Subdivision Land Development & Conditional Use proposing 85 detached single-family homes and 1 existing home to remain.

Last Before the Board: December 27, 2023 

Ordinance #249: AP Zoning Text Amendments

The Board of Supervisors considered feedback from the Planning Commission regarding the AP Zoning District text amendments, in light of a validity challenge before the Township for the property located at 91 Bertolet School Road. Following discussion at the last Planning Commission meeting on this topic, the Board of Supervisors has provided additional direction to focus on the multiplier and leave other issues for the Ordinance Committee to address with the rest of the Zoning Ordinance rewrite.  The draft text contemplates amending the multiplier in the AP Zoning District from 0.10 to 0.13.

Spring City Elementary School - 190 S. Wall Street

Location: 190 S. Wall Street 

Type of Application: Preliminary Land Development - proposing building additions and parking and site improvements.  

Next Before the Planning Commission: May 21, 2024